Safety In The Crib For Your Baby

Take some time out from your busy schedule and learn some very valuable information, that could save your baby’s lifel


Biltmore House

Take a tour of one of Americas architectural wonders. Take a break from your cleaning or bring your micro cloth along and dust as you go. Great insight into the lives of the Vanderbilt family. Enjoy


Spring Cleaning Is Here

Spring Cleaning brings to mind all of those projects we always leave until the last moment.  From washing our windows to cleaning our upholstery and everything in between.  Here is just a few from a list i made the other day.

This is a good start for anyone wanting to jump right into the cleaning.


The Spring Clean List

1 . Have all bedding and window treatments sent out for cleaning. There are many companies that will pick up and deliver and re-hang your drapery, so look into this to save time.

2. Schedule time to have all furniture shampooed or dry cleaned

.3. Schedule time to have all of the windows and screens washed

.4. Schedule time to have all walls washed.

5. Schedule time to send out all oriental carpets for cleaning

6. Schedule time to have all hardwood floors, tile and stone floors cleaned and resealed.

7. Schedule time to have all carpeting cleaned and stretched if needed.

Work off this list and add your own items to be done. There are services for almost anything you want to have done these days so talk to your friends and see whom they’ve used. If everything is scheduled properly you can be done with your home in about two weeks. It will take longer to get back oriental carpets, drapery and blinds but if you get them out before you get started and schedule in a timely manner, you can be done quickly.

Enjoy and have some fun along the way. Get some great tips below.


Spring Is Upon Us, Get Your Home Organized

It’s that time again.  Spring Cleaning is here. Take a few moments out of your busy day and have a look at some of the best ways to organize your home.  It’s just the begining, so get ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy. This video is a great start to the Spring Cleaning season.  Remember to Keep It Simple, But Above All Clean.


Wood Flooring Care

Wood Flooring Care:
It wasn’t until the early 1600’s that wooden floors were used in North
America.  For the first time plank
flooring was set down and people could now enjoy the warmth of wood beneath
their feet.  Although the wood was not
sanded and polished, over time by generations of feet walking over them, they
would shine.  . In the early Victorian
era wood floors were being mass produced and the tongue oils from china were
not very durable to the floors, so they were hot waxed and buffed with
brushes.  If that had to be done today,
wood floors would be eliminated if for no other reason than we just don’t have
the time to keep them up. But fortunately for us, tongue and groove came along
and solved a major problem.  Floors became
more durable and easier to care for. As time went forward, history shows that
we covered them over with carpeting, and now a new renaissance is taking place
and the carpeting is being pulled out and the floors are being brought back to
their original glory.  The care of these
floors can bring great rewards to those willing to undertake this responsibility.
If your floors fall into this category
and are 50 to 100 years of age, then you probably have floors that are waxed,
but will no doubt have a layer of shellac under the wax.  What that means is that you will have to
remove the wax and redo the shellac.
Here’s the process:

  • Test a small area
  • To remove the wax use mineral spirits, this will
    dissolve the wax and let you know if there is a layer of shellac
    underneath.  By rubbing some denatured
    alcohol on the wood this will tell you if there is a layer by dissolving it.
  • If it’s in good shape, you can, once all of the
    wax has been removed, re-layer the floor with another coat of shellac.  The wonder to all of this is that the new
    layer will be suspended in the denatured alcohol and this will dissolve the old
    layer and bring the two together seamlessly. .
  • Once finished with the shellac, you can now lay
    down the wax.  Choose something
    appropriate for your wood and follow the directions that the manufacturer has
    given.  Usually several layers is
    required for best results.
  • If all of this is too much for you on your own,
    then bringing in a professional can make this all go a little easier.  If for no other reason than finding out
    exactly what kind of wood you are
    dealing with, how old it really is, and what are the best finishes, a
    professional can be your answer.  They
    don’t have to do the work for you, but can guide you through the right process.

Once all of this has been done, it’s time to talk about
caring for your floors:

  • If you are concerned about anything that may
    scratch your floors, then a good soft bristle broom is best.
  • If you’re more concerned with dust, then a good
    dust mop will do the trick.
  • You can also use a vacuum cleaner, just be sure
    nothing is on the bottom that will scratch the floors.
  • After removing the dust from the floors, it’s
    time to wash them.  There are two trains
    of thought here.  Some believe that a
    little vinegar in the water is ok.  Some
    believe that to be taboo. And only warm water with a mop that has been rung out
    so dry it could cough dust is the only way to wash your floors. Just remember
    any water left behind that soaks into the wood can damage it down the
    road.  It can also change the color of
    the wax.
  • You may want to buff the floors after washing to
    bring back the shine.  This can be done
    with a large soft towel also.
  • One other thing to remember is that anytime you
    place a carpet down over the wood, make sure it does not have a rubber lining .
    The chemical reaction from the backing will change the color of the wax.
  • Enjoy your floors, you’ve worked hard to make
    them shine for you.

The Beginning of a New Year

Hello and welcome back.  After some time off, I am back at it again.  The New Year is going to start with something brand new for the blog.  I’m going to start adding some articles on subjects we all can appreciate. Our beginning will be Carpetin.  This article takes you through step by step how to keep your carpets clean, and how to remove spots and spills.

Carpet Cleaning Solution
step by step



Carpet Cleaning Solution:

Although we try very hard to keep our carpets in good shape
at all times, there are those moments when something gets spilled or dropped and a stain sets in.For those fewmoments of terror, we look to the gods for help removing them.Of course reality sets in and we run for thetowels to soak up as much as we can before it sets in permanently.In most cases all is well, and we thank the
gods for their help.And it’s back to new before we know
it.However there are those times whenwe can’t reach for the towels and just the right cleaner, and the stain setsin. It is those moments that we are going to talk about here.We’ll start by:

1.   How do we keep our carpets clean?

2.When something spills, how do I remove it?

3.Making your own spot remover.

4.When should I use a professional?

Carpet Cleaning Solution # 1


Well the first step is tried to keep the
traffic down to a minimum.And of coursetake off your shoes before entering.Just these two steps alone will help
immensely to keep them clean.Youwill also want to vacuum at least once a week.This keeps the top dust off and if your vacuum
is powerful enough it can even pull what’s at the bottom up to the top of thenap and up into the vacuum. check out these Vacuum Cleaner Ratings.If you’re
like me then you have a commercial grade carpet on the floor, and in order tosave it from being destroyed I have oriental rugs on topThis helps to ground the furniture to myspace and also helps with the traffic patterns.I use oriental runners for bridges between
areas of traffic, and this also helps to control the amount of dirt that comesinto my home. You can also place a small rug in front of a high traffic pieceof furniture to keep the dirt off. These are all very good ideas,and will help to keep clean.

Carpet Cleaning Solution # 2


Of course the very first steps to take are to
get a dry towel and soak up as much as possible.  keep your Carpet Supplies handy.Do yourself a favor here and place the towel
down over the spill and walk on the towel to get up the spill.  This will help to soak up as much liquid as
possible very fast.  Just keep moving the
towel to soak it up.  If you need more
then get more.  If you can catch a spill
right away, you can usually right the wrong.
If you know you are having guests for the evening, then keeping a kit nearby
can help to make your life easier.
Whether it’s coffee or wine, with just a few steps you can get them outquite fast.

Carpet Cleaning Solution # 3


choosing the right method for Carpet Cleaning Solutions can make all the’s a good idea to keep a kit in the home
just for removing spots and spills.Here’s what you’ll need.

1A bottleof club soda: good for spills of any kind. It brings the spill to the surfacewhere it can be removed.  Great to use
for red wine spills.

Lemon juice and cream of tartar:  great for rust stains.  Just pour lemon juice onto stain and then
sprinkle cream of tartar on top of lemon juice.
Let stand then rinse with cold water and wick up with dry towel.

Hydrogen peroxide:  great for removing blood.  If you can catch it right away, then use the
peroxide to remove the blood.  Rinse with
cold water and blot up with dry towel.

Shaving cream:great for spots, because it’s whipped soap.  Just wet the spot add some shaving cream and
work it into the spot.  Rinse with cold
water and wick it up with a dry towel.

Of course add your favorite cleaner to
your container of mixes and your good to go.

Carpet Cleaning Solution # 4


When you can’t remove your own spots, or when
you’ve let the carpet get out of control.
Sometimes just having the traffic patterns cleaned is enough for mostpeople.  I have clients that clean spring
and fall.  In-between if somethinghappens they can use their ownmixes to remove the spots and spills. Of course
if all of this is too overwhelming to you then you really do need a
professional.  If you have animals andthey leave remnants of themselves behind onto the carpeting, then yes a
professional is almost assuredly needed.
Sometimes the damage by our pets has become so great that the carpetingneeds replacing along with some of the sub flooring.  Stains from animals that have gone throughthe carpet and into the sub flooring can be devastating, and filled with odors.
You may want to think about a different surface for your floors at this point.
Sometimes putting a sealer over a pet stain on the sub flooring will do thejob.    All in all, use your bestjudgment when considering a professional to come in and clean your carpets.ask
your friends who they use and getrecommendations for your carpet cleaning.  Do not take prices or quotesfor your home over the phone.  make sure they come to your home to give
you an estimate.  that way they understand exactly what needs to bedone, and they can make recommendations for getting the hard to cleanareas, and they can tell you exactly what chemicals they use in their Carpet Cleaning Solution what do the professionals know?


Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas to all who visited this site throughout the year.  i hope you enjoyed the excerpts from the book, and will come back again after the new year to see whats going to be new.  i will be adding pages that have to do with cleaning of course, but in addition to those you will see pages from my site, like Cleaning Blind, or House Cleaning Schedules. we’re going to touch on a lot of different subjects that have to do with your home.  you can always cross over to  to answer or ask a question, and you can always leave a comment there.  if you click on the link i’ve added some christmas music for you, that i hope you will enjoy play it all and often  see you in the new year

Richard A. Slinde


The Entry

It’s very clear that The Entry to your home starts as
someone is walking up to your front door. Their first impression of your home
comes at that moment.  Don’t think that
it doesn’t.  From the second that the
doorknob is turned and they walk into your entry the focus is on this
space.  Keeping it clean and clear of all
items that don’t belong there is a formidable task brought upon you.  Make sure that someone is not tripping over a
pair of shoes as they walk into your home.
Make your coats disappear where they belong, and pick up any mail or
papers that may be on a side table.  In
otherwards make that first impression a memorable one for your guests.  The Entry who knew it would be so important.


Let’s get to the cleaning of this space.

  1. Fill a bucket with some warm water and some of
    the bio-green clean and add your micro cloth to the bucket.
  2. Take your cob web brush and go over the ceiling
    and down the corners of the entry space including the baseboards.  Take care to remove the webs from any
    recessed lighting you may have.
  3. Wipe down all of the pieces in this space with
    the bio green mixture this will include the closet doors, as well as the front
    door.  Be sure to wipe down the baseboards,
    and any chair rails or crown molding you may have in here.  Pay special attention to any side chairs or
    benches that are here.
  4. If you have a light fixture hanging in here,
    then get it cleaned now.  If it needs to
    be taken apart to clean then take your time, but do it and get it done
  5. It’s time to clean the floor, so change out the
    bucket and add some of the bio-green to the water and wash down the entire
    floor.  This also means that you need to
    remove all of the items from the closet floor, so that you can also clean this
  6. If your entry has windows, then now is the time
    to get them cleaned  You can use your
    window cleaner here and spray them and wipe them down with clean towels, or use
    your squeegee to wipe them down and then use a dry towel to wipe the edges of
    the window.
  7. We’re almost there.  Take a good look at the entry if you need to
    return items to this space, and then do it now.
    You’re done, unless you have plants that need to be placed back or maybe
    your one of the lucky ones that has fresh flowers placed on a side table.  Whatever the case is, enjoy your entry.

The Laundry Room


Today a laundry room may be a stackable unit that has
been put into a closet or resides in your upstairs hallway or  your bathroom. Perhaps your laundry machines
are in your walk-in closet, a room set aside just for the laundry, or in the
basement. Whatever the case is, this space needs to be in order at all times;
otherwise how would you know where anything is? You wash, you dry, you fold and
you return your clothes to their rightful place. Thank whoever invented these
machines to do the work for us, or we would all be pounding our clothes on a
rock in some stream.Wherever your designated area for washing has been placed,
whether it is a small space or a very large room, keep it clean at all times.
Since ours is a room what will we do first? Of course turn on the lights, look
up for cob-webs and remove any tell tale signs of them.   Let’s start by removing anything that does
not belong in this room. Maybe there are baskets filled with laundry, an
ironing board, or cleaners on the floor next to the machine if you don’t have a
closet in the room. I have a client that keeps all her empty shopping bags
alongside her washer, always ready for any kind of action that they could be
used for. Whatever the case is, remove everything from the floor or closet or
alongside of your machines. This is a good time to vacuum behind the washer and
dryer, if they need it. Let’s fill the bucket with warm water and some of the
powdered detergent and start by wiping down everything in the room. However
always start at the top of the room. Do your cabinets, then your machines, and
laundry tub if you have one. Wipe down the closet doors and their handles or
pulls, and also the door to the room. If you have a window, now is the time to
wash that down.


Okay, let’s do the floor. Change the water and put
some of the powdered detergent in the bucket, add the micro cloths, and move
onto the floor. Whether you get down on your knees or use a mop, let’s make
this floor shine. When you have finished with the floor, it’s time to put back
everything you removed so start by replacing cleaning bottles, baskets, the
ironing board and even a trash can if you have one in this room. Now we’ve come
to the end of cleaning this room let’s take the water back to the kitchen and
dump it out. To clean the kitchen sink here’s a very helpful hint: take a micro
cloth, get it very wet, then take a bar of soap and rub the cloth with the
soap, make it very sudsy, and then wipe down the sink. Rinse and dry the sink;
if you have stainless your sink will almost look brand new. If you have
porcelain wipe down the sink with powdered detergent along with some of the
liquid detergent, scrub well then rinse and your sink should look almost new.
Be sure to wipe down the faucet soap pump and hot water lever for coffee or tea
as well. Dry everything and return everything to your bucket and place it on
the floor in the kitchen.


It is now time to vacuum the house from one end to the
other. The point of doing this last is so if you are moving about the house
getting things cleaned, you won’t walk over what you’ve already done – it would
look as though you hadn’t even vacuumed it. So let’s start. If you are a two
storey start upstairs at the farthest point from your stairway. It’s time to
close the windows, so do that now before we start to vacuum. Start on one side
of the room and move across the room side to side. If something needs to be moved,
move it and return it exactly as it was. Work your way out of the room. When
you are finished there will be no footprints on the carpet. Move on to the next
room and repeat the process, always making sure you go from side to side while
working your way out of the room, being careful not to leave any footprints
when done. Work your way into the hallway and down the stairs.


If you are all on one level, you will simply do the
same by working your way out of every room, making sure to close the windows and
turn off the lights as you go. After the hallway has been finished and your
entry if you have carpet there, then move on to the living room and the dining
room, then on to the family room; working your way towards the front door. Once
you’ve arrived here, it’s over – you have cleaned your home. Everything has
been put into order, and you can now move onto living as you always have. This
process will need to be repeated weekly. If you can get away with once every
other week, okay. If you can go once every third week, or once every fourth
week, it’s also okay. Whatever works for your home is what is appropriate for
you. If you are a busy family, maybe you need some help. We’ll talk about
hiring cleaning help in a later chapter. Let’s move on to products, and try to
understand why do we need so many of them.


The Family-Room

The Family Room

Ok, let’s jump right into it.  The family room is a space that is used by
many people for many different occasions.
You might watch your media center. Or you may use it to play cards,
entertain your guests with music or games.
Whatever you might use this room for, keeping it in order is a prime
goal here.

Of course the first step is to turn on the lights; you can’t
see the dirt without them on. Open the windows and let in the fresh air. Have a
good look at the room.  Are there objects
that don’t belong here?  If so remove
them to their rightful places.  One of
our other first steps will be to remove all of the plants to the kitchen and
trees from this room to the outside. If you do not have access to the outside
for your trees, then leave them where they are and just water them.  You will want to give them a good shake to
remove all of the dead leaves. Once you’ve finished pick up the leaves and
remove them to the trash.  If you have a
compost pile, then place them there.
Water the plants in the kitchen and leave them until we are done
cleaning the room.

Ok. Let’s look up to the ceilings and start by removing all
of the cobwebs with your cob-web brush.
Don’t forget the recessed lighting if you have them.  Take your brush and go down all of the
corners of the room, then go over all of the baseboards.  Once you have finished, look to the built-ins
if you have them and straighten them out.
Place books back where they belong, and put things back into drawers
like clickers for the media, and perhaps magazines and papers.

Now straighten the furniture.  This means turn over the cushions on your
pieces and fluff the pillows to the couches.
Place all of the chairs in the room back where they belong, maybe around
a game table, or next to the couch.  Ok.
We’re there. Let’s get our bucket filled with some warm water and some of the
Lysol disinfectant cleaner.  Add your
micro cloths and start by  wiping down
all of the furniture in the room.  If you
have a wall unit, make sure that you straighten all of the shelfs as you
go.  If your media is placed here, make
sure you use micro cloths that are dry not wet.
Work your way around the room one wall at a time, this insures that
you  don’t miss anything in the
room.  you may have a piano in this room,
if so  be very careful here.  Dusting and polishing are two different
actions.  Never use a dry towel on your
piano, it can scratch the finish.  The
use of a feather duster is the best way to go.
If you use a cloth of any kind, be sure it is very soft, like a baby
blanket.  And if you need to dampen it
before cleaning, make sure you use filtered water.  Why? Because water has minerals that can
damage the finish, and always dry it immediately.  Do not try to clean the insides of your
piano, leave it to the professionals.
Too many problems can happen while attempting this.


Let’s turn our attention to the art hanging on the
walls.  If you have photographs, then
wipe them down now.  If your walls are
hung with paintings, then use a very soft brush, like a paint brush, or even a shaving
brush will do the trick.  Stay away from
liquids here.  You don’t want to damage
or lose value to your art.  Check with a
conservator for in depth cleaning.

Look to the floors now and get them cleaned.  You may have wood floors or carpeting.  Or you may have oriental carpets on the
floors in here, whatever the case is get them cleaned now.  Vacuum the floors first, and then if wood
fill your bucket with warm water and some of the powdered detergent.  Add your micro cloths and start by going to a
top corner of the room and washing the floors from side to side, until you have
worked yourself out of the room.  If you
have oriental carpets, once the wood has been cleaned, then vacuum the carpets.  If you are all carpeting, then vacuum the
entire room.  It’s time to return the
plants and trees to the room.  You’re
done. You might want to leave the windows open for the fresh air, if not close
them, enjoy the room until next time.